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Freeborn Hall
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Freeborn Hall
Hall Staff and Officers, 1977-2003
Freeborn Residents With Webpages, 1995-1999
Vivienne Ng's Freeborn Hall Webpage, 1997-1998
Scotty & Cindy's Health Tips, 1996-1997
Freeborn Hall's Namesake, Mary Chase Freeborn
Words From the Founder, by Aaron Anderson
California Natural High: get high on reality
The History of U.C. Berkeley

Did you live at Freeborn Hall at some point between 1995 to 1999, more or less?
We are planning to have a big residence hall reunion in 2008 or 2009.
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Unit 1, 2650 Durant Avenue
University of California at Berkeley

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Back in 1995, this was the first residence hall webpage at the University of California at Berkeley.
It was only actively maintained from 1995 to 1999, but some æsthetic updates are still occasionally made.