Names of the Residence Halls
from the "Residential & Family Living Staff Manual", 1997-1998, pages 162-166.

BOWLES, Phillip — "The first residence hall was given in honor of a man who was both a Regent of the University of California and an alumnus — Phillip BOWLES, 1882. Mrs. BOWLES dedicated Bowles Hall on January 6, 1929, to the memory of her husband to further 'education through fellowshipps'. Mrs. BOWLES gave the University its first residence hall in hope that it would provide the undergraduate men residents with accomodations that would 'set a standard in equipment and arrangement that would take the place of home for the undergraduates.' When the $350,000 gift was presented to the University, President William Wallace CAMPBELL declared, 'To the great benefit of the University, Mr. BOWLES became a meber of the Board of Regents in 1922, and as such, gave his time and strength without stint. Both Regent BOWLES and Mrs. BOWLES knew and comprehended that the young men and women of the University were in need of dormitories. They wisely and correctly thought of a dormitory as a residence hall, have as many as possible of the attributes of a residence hall and a home'. Today, 198 male students live at Bowles Hall. The building, designed on eight levels, offers suites of rooms to each group of four residents. The Julian and Helen Memorial Library was added to the building in 1939 through the gift of Professor James D. HART, their son, and Mrs. BRANSTEIN, their daughter. The library offers residents a complete set of reference books, popular works, and periodicals. Bowles Hall alumni still gather at reunions and their ranks include many prominent Californians."

CHENEY, Mary Lucretia — "... was the first Teacher Appointments Secretary of the University of California. She received her Bachelor's degree in 1883. During her long career on this campus, she became a member of the National Education Association of University Women, and the Association of Collegiate Alumni. She was State Chairman of the Educational Committee of the California Federation of Women's Clubs, and then the National Vice-President of the Department of School Patrons. In her 40 years as Teacher Appointments Secretary, Mrs. CHENEY, because of her able judgment in placing teachers trained at the University, built a lasting reputation for that office in schools throughout the country. As long as the University endures, the spirit of Mary CHENEY will be a living inspiration in that most important functions of higher education — the training of teachers and their appointment to positions in the schools and colleges of the State."

CLEARY, Beverly — The new name for Haste-Channing (at Unit 3) will be unveiled in the near future. Beverly CLEARY was a prominent Cal alumnus to went on to become a famous author of children's novels.

CUNNINGHAM, Ruby Lacy — "... graduated from the University of California in 1903 and received her Doctor of Medicine degree in 1914 at the San Francisco Medical Center. In 1918, she joined the staff of the Cowell Memorial Hospital, and remained there until her death in 1944. Her achievements were such as to earn her the Vice-Presidency of the Berkeley Health Center in the years 1932-33. Doctor CUNNINGHAM was an outstanding and distinguished physician, and a friendly counselor and inspiration to her students. During her career, she cared for two generations of University women."

DAVIDSON, Mary Blossom — "... was a counselor and friend to University women for 40 years in the Dean's Office and was Dean of Women from 1941 to 1951. Mrs. DAVIDSON envisioned and pioneered the program for housing for women students on this campus. She initiated the approved housing program, which included the beginning of the Women's Dormitory Association, and the Dormitory Housemothers Association. Mary DAVIDSON was a graduate of the University in the class of 1906. Her husband, the late Charles S. DAVIDSON, was a renowned specialist and was on the staff of the Harvard Medical School."

DEUTSCH, Monroe E. — "... the late and beloved Vice President and Provost, Emeritus, of the University, and Professor of Latin, had a 40-year academic career at the University, and a national reputation for distinguished service to education and civic affairs. He served as Dean of the College of Letters and Science, where he took a personal interest in the problems of the students. He is perhaps best remembered for making the University into a personal place for literally thousands of students."

EHRMAN, Sidney Myer — "... was a prominent San Francisco lawyer, class of 1896, Regent of the University, trustee of the Hastings College of Law and San Francisco civic leader. He gave generously of his time and money to the advancement and improvement of student life on the Berkeley campus. Mr. EHRMAN died in 1975 at the age of 102."

FREEBORN, Mary Chase — "... was a graduate in Social Welfare, and a member of the Associated Charities in the field of women's housing. She was President of the Prytanean Alumnae Association when Ritter Hall, a cooperative for women undergraduate students, was opened. She was the wife of the late Stanley FREEBORN, Provost of the Davis campus, and Professor of Entomology. Mary FREEBORN was a 'born organizer' in every sense of the word, both in her influential role in helping to create Ritter Hall, and in her various and energetic activities in the YWCA and women's clubs throughout the community. An inspiring personality, a dynamic leader in undergraduate and postgraduate affairs, Mary Chase FREEBORN should be an inspiration for all those residents of the hall named for her." In Fall 1994, Freeborn Hall became a Substance-Free Environment through the efforts of Aaron ANDERSON and others.

GRIFFITHS, Farnham P. — "... was a member of the class of 1906. He was later a Rhodes Scholar, a distinguished lawyer, and lecturer in law. He served as secretary to President Benjamin Ide WHEELER, as faculty member and Regent. He also served as alumni representative to the Executive Committee of the Associated Students."

KERR, Clark — "Clark Kerr Campus has special programs for students in the College of Letters and Science. Here two faculty members and nine teaching assistants live amidst the 734 students providing special academic support programs. Building 4, 16, and 17 are designated as quiet environment halls to minimize noise in the neighborhood and to encourage serious study. The newest halls contain single and double rooms in suite arrangements, each with a common living area and bath. Casa Italiana, sponsored by the Italian Department, [hosts] language tutoring, educational and cultural programs related to Italy and its culture, language, civilization, and folklore."

MANVILLE, Hiram Edward Jr. — "Manville Apartments, [opened] in the Fall of 1995, was a gift made possible by Mr. Hiram Edward MANVILLE, Jr., and his sister Countess Folke BERNADETTE, in memory of their father. It is coeducational housing for law and graduate students."

MORA, Magdalena — "Casa Magdalena Mora is located in Haste-Channing. It is home to 32 students interested in Mexican and Chicano history, language, and culture. The house was named in recognition of the life and service of Magdalena MORA, a 1974 Cal alumna and a distinguished Chicana scholar who dedicated her academic pursuits to the empowerment of her community." The Asian Pacific American Theme Program is also located in Haste-Channing.

NORTON, William J. — "... served the University of California for a period of 32 years. This time was spent in the Agricultural Extension Service, and as Business Manager of the Berkeley Campus. During 14 years as Business Manager, Mr. NORTON was vitally interested in student welfare. He served on the Finance Committee of the ASUC, and provided that association with sound financial guidance. He was an honorary membe of the Big 'C' Society, Scabbard and Balde, the Order of the Golden Bear, and was an associate member of the Bowles Hall Association. He was intrumental in the development of the Smyth Fernwald Halls, as well as the family student apartments in Albany. He was pioneer in the drive toward the creation of a Student Center at Berkeley. In his more than three decades on the Berkeley campus, William J. NORTON did all within his power to provide quality housing and eating facilities for students."

PRIESTLEY, Herbert Ingram — "... came to the Berkeley campus in 1912 as assistant curator of the Bancroft Library. He received his Ph.D. at Berkeley in 1917. He joined the history faculty and became librarian and later Director of the Bancroft Library. Dr. Priestley was an expert on Latin American History. He was a patient teacher and a sympathetic advisor to both graduate and undergraduate students. Until his early death in 1949, Kenneth PRIESTLEY, his son, was almost continually associated with the University. As an undergraduate, he was editor of the Daily Californian, and was active in campus honor organizations. After a period as a professional journalist in the Bay Area, he returned to the ASUC as Director of the News Bureau. He became Graduate Manager of the ASUC in 1936 and remained in this position until becoming Business Manager of the Radiation Laboratory in World War II. His wife, Josephine, was a frequent visitor to Priestley Hall."

PUTNAM, Thomas Milton — "... was a native Californian who earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of California at the age of 26. He was Dean of Undergraduates and Professor of Mathematics. As the first representative of the Professor of the Executive Committee of the ASUC, he played a most important part in shaping the policies of the ASUC, and in guiding the athletic programs of the West Coast institutions. He spent much time listening to student groups and individual students. He was a wise counselor." Putnam Hall houses the African American Theme Program.

SPENS-BLACK, Sally McKee — "... was born in Oakland in 1866 and died in Berkeley at the age of 82. Her father was Judge Samuel Bell McKEE. He graduated from Hastings Law School in 1877. Mrs. SPENS-BLACK inherited a sizable estate when her husband died, and gave a considerable amount of it to the University for scholarships, research, and $500,000 to help build a residence hall at Berkeley. Through three generations of students, she had an abiding interest in student welfare. She sought to help all students, particularly those striving towards professions of law and medicine, and was concerned that 'worthy and deserving students shall not be denied the privilege of proper housing.'"

SPROUL, Ida Wittschen — "... is the wife of President Emeritus Robert Gordon SPROULm who was President of the University from 1930-1958. The SPROULs lived in what is now the University House, during the 28 years he was an officer of the campus. The SPROULs have three children. Mrs. SPROUL has been elected an honorary member of all the women's student organizations on campus, as a result of her abiding interest in student activities and welfare. The SPROULs lived in Berkeley, and Mrs. SPROUL was active in campus and community affairs. She was a lovely and gracious lady, who often visited the halls over the years."

STERN, Mrs. Sigmund — "The second Univeristy residence hall was opened in October, 1942. Stern Hall, designed by William W. WURSTER, former Dean of the College of Environmental Design, was a gift to the University by Mrs. Sigmund STERN. The hall was first opened for 90 undergraduate women. At the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. HAAS, son-in-law and daughter of Mrs. STERN, and Mr. Ernest MEYER, Mrs. STERN's brother, created a fund of books to be added to the library. A valuable personal collection of French books has since been donated by another member of the STERN family. Mrs. STERN, who died February 8, 1956, was active in civic and philanthropic affairs and during her life maintained a continued interest in residence halls. When she died, Mr. and Mrs. HAAS gave the University the portrait of Mrs. STERN which hangs in the library. A new wing, which added rooms for 47 more residents, was completed in 1959. A second wing was added in 1981. Today Stern houses 246 women students."

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